PharManufacturing The International Peptide Review
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2009 Issue
Dave Robinson, CEO
New England Peptide, LLC

Michael Verlander
 PolyPeptide Laboratories, Inc.

Jordan B. Fishman, PhD, Michael A. Shia, PhD, and Eric A. Berg, PhD
21st Century Biochemicals, Inc.

New England Peptide


Gary Hu, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
American Peptide Company, Inc.

PTI Chemistry Team
Protein Technologies, Inc.

Turning Proteins and other Biopharmaceuticals into Super Performing Block Busters.
Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer
IRIS Biotech GmbH

Dr Fiona M. Greer, Director, Biochemical Services
M-Scan Ltd

By Simon Cawthorne, Sunday Shoyele, and Alex Slowey
3M Health Care Ltd

J. Gerhardt,
C.A.T. GmbH & Co. KG,


OFC OBC Spine_ipr11.pdf
Project3_Layout 1.pdf
PharManufacturing: The International Peptide Review
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